Marietas Eco-Discovery

Marietas Eco-Discovery

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Just offshore, inside Banderas Bay, rests a group of small, volcanic islands known as the Marietas Islands. These islands, made famous by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, provide the perfect environment for an entertaining eco-adventure.

Duration: Approximately 6 hours
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Just offshore, inside Banderas Bay, rests a group of small, volcanic islands known as the Marietas Islands. These islands, made famous by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, provide the perfect environment for an entertaining eco-adventure. Experience wildlife above and below the water as you kayak, snorkel and explore the unique ecosystem with our informative and fun guides and crew.

Don't miss out on the best snorkeling conditions ever! The waters around the Marietas Islands are as clear-as-can-be and the marine life is abundant. Our guides will take you snorkeling and introduce you to all the creatures that call Marietas home. Come join us and see why famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau fell in love with the islands and started the movement to protect them.

Once out at the islands, our bilingual eco-guides will get you set up for some amazing kayaking and snorkeling - even leading you on a guided trip. They create a fun, safe environment so you can focus on fun and exploring the rocky caverns and archways and truly experience the natural beauty of the Marietas Islands.

Designated as a National Park in 2005 and an important refuge and nesting area for over 90 species of aquatic and sub-aquatic migratory and native birds, the islands offer plenty to see above the sea. Our guides will take small groups for an up-close eco-tour - educating guests on the wildlife, formation of the islands and showing the area's unique features.

The Marietas Islands are home to one of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world. Known as the "Hidden Beach," this beach was formed by a collapse of the volcanic rock that makes up the island. Over time, a cave was created by the sea; providing the only access to this stunning beach. Don't miss out on visiting one of Vallarta's top attractions.

During the winter season you can swim, snorkel and kayak in the warm clear waters of the Marietas Islands, but this adventure is really all about the adrenalin rush of witnessing humpback whales and wild dolphins in their natural habitat. This is what you'll be telling all your friends about back home - the jaw-dropping sight of these magnificent giants soaring into the air just feet away from our boat with the seductive sound of their beautiful whale song. .

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    Adventure,Wildlife & Nature,Snorkeling,families
  • Duration:

    Approximately 6 hours
  • Inclusions:

    Continental breakfast (with first departure only), Deli style Lunch, Open bar, Snorkeling and kayaking equipment, Paddleboarding
  • Exclusions:

  • What to Bring:

    Swimwear, Sunscreen, Towel, Light sweater, Money for souvenirs & photos, SEMARNAT fee ($30 pesos per passenger)
  • Notes:

    Please note that inclement weather & sea conditions can effect our ability to access the "Hidden Beach" by limiting access via the swim-in cave.
Berjita Kiyoskis

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hi Vallarta Excursions, this is Berjita and Burkhisho Kiyorkis. We just wanted to say Thank you for the Wonderful trip that you have provided for us. Marietas eco-discovery, was the best experiences in are life we see whale's and to see this beautiful sanctuary was to exciting. thanks...
Bob Tessler

Thursday, January 7, 2016

This company certainly know how to do excursions, Fun and well organised with well trained and qualified staff. You will fell safe and have amazing fun if you put yourself in their hands. the island are amazing.
Gracie Valles

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Everything worked on this Vallarta Excursions: organized, left on time, lots of explanation (very safety and environmentally conscious re the Marietas, the water, etc). Equipment was all good (we snorkled and kayaked; others paddle boarded). Lunch and drinks (after all the activities were over, and we were headed back) was really good, and again - well organized. The crew of young men were wonderful - energetic, friendly, smart, helpful. It was just a great day and we got to see a part of the Bay of Banderas that we would otherwise never have seen - or known about. Highly recommended. please if you want to go to Marietas go with the company with greater safety remember is a ocean.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This was a really cool excursion. Interesting information and beautiful location, but very rushed. Since it is a protected area we were only allowed 15 minutes in the hidden beach and it was extremely crowded. The snorkeling was awesome but again very crowded. 50% of the time in the water was actually spent trying to avoid other swimmers and pushing your way through each other. The energy of the tour guides was phenomenal and they were working the entire time to make everyone happy. Aside from the crowds and the rushed pace this is still one of those places you just have to see to believe.
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